Who We Are

We are storytellers, and we love the stories we tell.

Adaptive Studios is a first of its kind content creator, acquiring abandoned intellectual property and repurposing it for engagement across a range of evolving traditional and digital entertainment platforms.

 What We Do 

Our mission is to find the best way to deliver engaging, reimagined content to our audiences.

Abandoned IP doesn’t imply inferior quality material. Adaptive partners with Hollywood studios to cheaply and efficiently go through their libraries, pulling out projects that can be restored on digital outlets and marketed to audiences through reimagined, franchise-worthy material including films, television series, novels, graphic novels, web series, branded properties, and more.

 How We Do It 

Securing the orphaned content from feature film studios, award-winning playwrights and bestselling authors, Adaptive works to create new value in these revitalized projects while allowing our studio partners to significantly participate in our success and reformat for a more traditional, film/TV version.

Adaptive Studios utilizes digital outlets as a distribution medium and platform to build alternative form audiences and create buzz throughout strategically-targeted communities.